Hello(: I am having trouble! I am a Jetsetter but I feel like because I'm not the kind of Jetsetter who is always tweeting about him that the rest of the family doesn't accept me, or other Jetsetters that are not constantly tweeting about him! I've seen so many people get called Planesetter, when they might be a Jetsetter, who supports his music and also fits into the description he gave of what a Jetsetter is, but are not welcomed! Please help!

Hey! You know who YOU are for yourself! Don’t ever let someone else try to tell YOU who YOU are! If you’re a true JetSetter, then don’t worry about what anyone else says! A lot of these girls in the fanbase are stuck up bitches who dickride Diggy’s dick & make others feel uncomfortable. But ignore it…they have issues with themselves…they’re probably losers in real life lol follow me on twitter @PlanetJetSetter & dm me saying ur the one who msgd me :)